Thursday, July 30, 2009

Awsome Guitar..

Friday, July 24, 2009

My Favorite Albums Ever..

I always wanted to be a music critic or reviewer. I had a knack of picking out artists and songs that were destined to make history. However putting together a great album is a lost art. Nowadays people don't think in terms of "albums". They are able to go to Itunes or Rhapsody and just download a single song. The bad thing is, they don't even have to listen to it in real time, they can download it at megabit speed.

In my day (old fart) we had to listen to the whole cassette or 8 track tape to get to the song(s) we liked. It was a blessing in disguise as we would grow fond of songs that may have never gotten airplay. So then when we were burnt out on the "hit", we still had the rest of the album to enjoy.

Anyway, I have put together my favorite albums of all time, in no particular order:

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Joe And Sara Update.

Well Joe and Sara have been sitting together on their speakers for 2 weeks now. They are now getting down to business and are hard at work trying to make some money on the internet. Since Sara's arrival we have made the following progress.

  • We have been implementing the affiliate program. They offer free hosting and when someone upgrades to a paid plan, referrer gets either $12.50 or $25 depending which plan they choose. We have made $125 so far in July. Check out Webstarts HERE.
  • Just launched (joined July 23, 2009) is the affiliate program. In the beta stages right now, they have just started offering a 10 cent referral for "giving away" each free website. A bit low but Jay has assured me they are working on ways to increase revenue. is a great place and they have been on board with us in 1 way or another for about 3 years. Check out Spruz HERE.
  • We found a new attempt at monetizing a website at It is a unique widget that offers a website's visitors a way to support a site they like through donations and they also get a link to their site (or blog) right on the widget. I figured I would give it a shot - you can see an example of one below (or at

  • We also found a cool site to make banners, headers, etc at A handy tool and fun to play with.
  • We are also looking into both as an advertiser and publisher.

So yes, we are still geeking - Me, Joe and Sara.

Sunday, July 19, 2009

Governor Of Poker

Play Governor Of Poker I haven't been posting much because, like a good geek, I have been playing games on the computer. Actually one game; Governer Of Poker. I truly suck at card games, but I have a fascination for Texas Hold 'em. I like to watch the high rollers on TV win and lose a million dollars. Maybe it is due to the fact, a lot of the skill is in how good you can lie (bluff).

Well I am too cheap (and way too chicken) to really gamble, or for that matter, play against real opponents. So I found a place I can learn to play Texas Hold 'em poker playing against animated cartoon players. I can choos the difficulty from easy to expert and it costs nothing to play. It is "Governer of Poker". I have put it on one of my websites HERE.
It took me about 2 weeks of playing off and on but I have finally made it to the end of the free version. I made enough (play) money to buy all the properties in San Saba, Texas. I then played a one-on-one game and won a horse so I could leave town and play Texas Hold 'em in the other 13 Texas cities. That is where the free version ends, I guess I have to buy the full version...

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Thursday, July 9, 2009

Dante Bucci - Fanfare

This is a solo acoustic version of "Fanfare" performed on the PANArt Hang. D minor penta on his lap, F major on his right.

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

The Connection Between Banned Playground Equipment and the Obama Bailout Program

When I was a kid, there was nothing funnier than finding a stupid kid to sit across from me on the teeter-totter, teasing him for a few minutes with some professional style teetering, then bailing off so the kid on the other end would slam to the ground and smack his naive tailbone into the ground sitting on the 2x12 treated board. Or how about the 30 foot high swingsets that were so cool that you could swing so high that you would get slack in the chain as you snapped back towards the ground? The chains weren't covered with that sissy plastic chain coating, it was REAL metal links spaced just right so some unsuspecting long-haired girl could get her hair caught. And there weren't those diaper shaped seats either, we had (evidently) the rest of the 2x12 board from the teeter-totter to sit on. Of course there was hard black asphalt under everything in case you slipped off the swing. I am not saying this part was cool, but without fail, every year some dumbass kid would fall off the swing and we would all gather 'round while the ambulance carted little Timmy away. Whatever happened to little Timmy?

We also had the monster metal slide from hell. Probably 20 feet tall, and on a hot day, the tin at the top would heat up to a thigh-blistering (what seemed like) 250 degrees. When you would try to slide down with shorts on, your thighs would stick and make that "skreet, skreet" noise until blistering skin provided the needed lubricant to make it to the bottom.

Also gone is the tetherball, that could strategically be used to bonk an unsuspecting opponent in the head with the ball. Not to mention the times when you went to fist the ball and you missed and hit the rope and wrapped the ball around your arm giving you a mega snake bite! The other formerly popular playground piece of equipment is the merry-go-round. It is where we learned dizzy can be fun, and even more fun when it is someone else trying to jump off or on at full speed.

What I am getting at, is all these things are gone from the playground because some uber-protective parents (probably Timmy's) complained. So now schools, parks and day care centers have removed any piece of equipment that is potentially harmful. They find it their duty to protect us from anything that may cause us to learn a life lesson. We have come to expect authority figures to pad our world so we are not hurt physically, mentally and now... financially.

Hence my connection to the Obama bailout plan, it all started with Timmy....

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

I Don't Feel (Very) Guilty...

6 years ago I fell prey to some very persuasive advertising that said I needed a brand new flashy pickup truck. There were pictures of it glistening in the sun flying through the Baja desert. At times it was bouncing over hills, leaving the ground flying in the air 3-4 feet. The truck was easily maneuvering through mud holes and deep snow and never got dirty! Needless to say, it had to have been a multi-million dollar ad campaign. And like any red-blooded, redneck pro-union consumer, I bit. I needed that truck... bad!

Now, 6 years later I see this commercial on Comedy Central during a Cheeto-filled afternoon of standup comedian marathon

Now I feel guilty for using a Zip-Lock bag, let alone driving my 10 mile a gallon (American Made)4 wheel drive. Is it my fault that I was watching TV 6 years ago and did my part to boost the economy and buy what was being put out there for consumers? I just don't think it is fair to pull on the heartstrings of TODAY'S consumers with solicitations like the above video. I am just one guy, working 40 hours a week, living in the midwest, staying out of trouble taxpayer.

I don't feel so bad though, there is another side to the polar bear story HERE so I will add "newly educated" to the string of adjectives in the above paragraph. And I will probably wait another day or so to check my tire pressure...

Sunday, July 5, 2009

Shopping Cart GPS..

I was shopping at our local Meijer grocery store when this idea hit me. Why don't we have a little touch screen on our shopping carts that tells us where stuff is? I have been shopping at this same store for 10 years and I can still never find what I need. For example, we have taken a liking to Asian Sensations frozen egg rolls. I bought them a few times and now all of a sudden they are gone. I asked the frozen produce guy, and he went in "the back" for 5 minutes, then came out and we walked around the store for 10 more minutes because it turns out there are frozen egg rolls in 4 different places. He came to the brilliant deduction that they must no longer "carry them".

We could avoid this whole thing by having a product locater on our cart. Just enter "frozen foods", "egg rolls", Asian Sensations and boom, the screen will tell you exactly the aisle and location. We could take this a step further and you could "log in" to your shopping account and the cart would know what you usually buy (guy thing?) and remind you of your important items. It could also point out sales on similar items. Even one step further, have a GPS locater on the cart and it (the cart) could locate desired items for you! Wow, we could even have a UPC code scanner on the cart so we could have a running total or even check out right there in the cart!

Ok, I can wake up now because retail stores thrive on "impulse" buying. I go there just to get bananas and walk out with $50 worth of crap. Meijer even intentionally moves their produce around every couple weeks so I can't even find the damn bananas. So now I have to walk past the strawberries, ooooh and then the shortcakes, and then I need the red gooey liquid to pour over the strawberries, oh wait, the whip cream. What did I come here for?

Saturday, July 4, 2009

Pop-ups on TV..

It was just a matter of time, but it is really starting to burn me up. On such television channels as TNT, The Discovery Channel or The History Channel, they have started using, for lack of a better term; pop-ups. It started out with just a small translucent logo on the bottom right of the screen, but it has evolved into a full blown animated 1/3 screen advertisement promoting an upcoming show or series. I find it so distracting and annoying that I will purposely not watch the show they are so hard trying to promote, but a lot of good that does. Below is a mild example. (watch it towards the end).

I don't see where this can go since they already run about 13 minutes of commercials on every 30 minute segment. I assume they will get bigger, more colorful and more animated. I realize the pressure is on to squeeze out every available dollar in today's economy, but they are fooling no one except the commercial skipper on the TIVO.

Ok I feel better now... NOT

Thursday, July 2, 2009

Joe Has Chosen Sara!

It was a difficult choice, but Joe has chosen Sara to be his speaker-sitting companion. Sara has joined him and they seem to be hitting it off just fine. Since July 1st is the first day of the new quarter, they have their work cut out for them helping me earn tons of internet money. I hope they drum up some business, because Microsoft has dropped their referral affiliate program and no longer are going to be an income stream... ouch!

Sara was referred to us by Breanna (left) and Kaitlyn (right). Joe says thanks to them, and he promises to always have a speaker for Sara to sit on.