Sunday, July 19, 2009

Governor Of Poker

Play Governor Of Poker I haven't been posting much because, like a good geek, I have been playing games on the computer. Actually one game; Governer Of Poker. I truly suck at card games, but I have a fascination for Texas Hold 'em. I like to watch the high rollers on TV win and lose a million dollars. Maybe it is due to the fact, a lot of the skill is in how good you can lie (bluff).

Well I am too cheap (and way too chicken) to really gamble, or for that matter, play against real opponents. So I found a place I can learn to play Texas Hold 'em poker playing against animated cartoon players. I can choos the difficulty from easy to expert and it costs nothing to play. It is "Governer of Poker". I have put it on one of my websites HERE.
It took me about 2 weeks of playing off and on but I have finally made it to the end of the free version. I made enough (play) money to buy all the properties in San Saba, Texas. I then played a one-on-one game and won a horse so I could leave town and play Texas Hold 'em in the other 13 Texas cities. That is where the free version ends, I guess I have to buy the full version...