Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Joe's Girlfriend Submissions...

Well the emails have been flooding in and Joe has been busy looking at the applicants. As you can see, Joe is already smitten with "Sara". But I warned him to not be too hasty and to consider all the prospective speaker mates before he makes his choice. Sara was born in Longview Texas and relocated to Indiana in 2005 to pursue her career in veterinary medicine. She works at a clinic in Woodburn Indiana so she is not far from Joe and would not have to quit her day job. She saw Joe on the local TV news and submitted her picture.

Also submitted was "Snow White". She said she wants to continue to use her screen name until she gets to know Joe a little better.

Joe is also having second thoughts about discounting the Bratz companion submission. We have found out she is of Asian descent, and Joe having spent time in Vietnam, has agreed to keep an open mind. We hope for a photo tomorrow.

You may vote by commenting, but Joe has the final choice. Submissions are still beng accepted at freegamesite@gmail.com.