Thursday, March 10, 2011

You Should Feel A Lot Safer Now

I was surfing the internet looking for my dirt cheap internet deals when I stumbled across something I find a bit disturbing. It is a knife disguised as a pen. It is technically described as "Survival Defensive Tactical Hidden Knife Ball Pen" and is available for $4.00. The link for this item is, or if you don't like the serrated edge, you can get a plain edge for $6.40 HERE, but I would hope the items would be taken down and no longer be available for sale. If the links no longer work, I have done my job.

Don't get me wrong, I am not against knives, guns or weapons of any type when used in a responsible manner, but a knife is a knife is a knife. There is no need to disguise it as something else, especially a common ball point pen. In today's era of fear of air travel and invasive searches, why do we need to add items that are just going to make the system even worse. I am sure it is not made in the USA, so maybe that is the plan?

I had planned a longer post on how I reported this knife to Homeland Security, but their emails have a tagline that say disclosing their content is strictly prohibited. So if you want to report the knife yourself, you can go to and choose "Security Issues".

NOTE: I find it kind of ironic that my Google ads are now going to display ads for knives...