Monday, September 15, 2008

Well here it goes...

When blogging first began, I thought "what a waste of time?" I felt people spent so much valuable time blogging that could be doing something constructive on the internet. Let me clarify a bit; I see the internet as a tool. Good for gathering information or finding a way to make an extra buck. I still feel there are better things to do with one's time, but I am finally convinced blogging has a deserved space amongst the clutter.

I think part of why blogging is popular is because regular websites (for the most part) have gone to the dogs. 1. Webmasters are going overboard trying to monetize their pages. and 2. Flash, Java and video have made webpages just too busy to absorb the intended content.

So I think blogging is actually what websites intended to be at the beginning. And somewhat reluctantly, I am climbing aboard.

So right off I want to thank anyone for finding this page and may your internet journey be safe and pleasant. I make no claims of intelligence, and I apologize for puctuation and spelling errors. My goal is just to pass on tidbits of my life that you might find useful or interesting.

More to come..