Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Another Great Idea..

Ok, here is what I was leading to with the pot smoker post. When I was 18, it was legal to by pot smoking paraphernalia, then it was illegal, then it was legal again, then illegal again. Head shops came and went and came back, and went again. And when vinyl records died, so did the paraphernalia store.

Well I had an idea back then but I never had the guts to test it. My idea was to tear a bong apart to it's least common denominator so it is only a pile of parts like a tube, tube cap, small metal pipe, gasket etc. The idea was to sell all the individual parts separately and call them something completely different. For example, sell the main tube as a gerbil run, the stem tube as a BB gun loader, the bong bottom as a shot glass coaster etc.

The trick here is to create a public service (looking) ad stating that there has been information that the non-paraphernalia items have been assembled to create a bong. This of course is not the manufacturer's intention and not recommended... Show a picture of the ill-constructed bong and tell the viewers where they can buy the items that SHOULD NOT be assembled as a bong. The negative publicity will surely be picked up by the media and there you go; a sales boom!

It seems my idea is out of date because you can get on line and buy any kind of pot smoking paraphernalia you would ever want. Wait, pot is still illegal? Oh well, maybe my sales gimmick could be used for some other product, like a machine gun..