Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Bluffton Man Wins 2 Million Dollars With Scratch Off Lottery Ticket

Let me start out that I hope that there is a higher power guiding people to make the choices they do. And also may I say that my opinion will probably not be too popular on this matter. It is just I have a few observations that may even be based on the jealousy I have for this man's good fortune.

Mick Brickley of Bluffton Indiana buys a $30 scratch-off lottery ticket and wins 2 million dollars. On the surface we can say this is a great thing, but the article at goes on to state that Mick has been laid off from his job since June of this year. So here is where I start to examine the big picture more closely. For one, I wonder what business a laid off guy has buying a $30 scratch-off ticket. I can only assume that Mick has a family that may have benefited from the $30, as money is probably tight. The second problem I have with this scenario, is I can also assume that Mick is receiving unemployment compensation. This money is intended to keep one and one's family fed and housed. By me contributing to the fund, indirectly I helped pay for Mick's ticket. Strangely enough, this purchase burdens me with a bit of guilt because of the despair I have observing the decline of the economy and (ironically enough) increased unemployment.

Going one step further, my financial contribution to Mick's ticket should give me legal rights to a portion of Mick's winnings, albeit it would only amount to probably 12 cents. Or better yet, Mick should return any unemployment payments he received and have it redistributed to those who REALLY need it. So who is to blame for this? Is it my fault for looking beyond the obvious just for a gratuitous blog post? Is it the Lottery's fault for victimizing the despondent by selling ridiculously high priced scratch-offs? Is it Mick's fault for spending money that could have been put to better use on a lottery ticket?