Tuesday, July 7, 2009

I Don't Feel (Very) Guilty...

6 years ago I fell prey to some very persuasive advertising that said I needed a brand new flashy pickup truck. There were pictures of it glistening in the sun flying through the Baja desert. At times it was bouncing over hills, leaving the ground flying in the air 3-4 feet. The truck was easily maneuvering through mud holes and deep snow and never got dirty! Needless to say, it had to have been a multi-million dollar ad campaign. And like any red-blooded, redneck pro-union consumer, I bit. I needed that truck... bad!

Now, 6 years later I see this commercial on Comedy Central during a Cheeto-filled afternoon of standup comedian marathon

Now I feel guilty for using a Zip-Lock bag, let alone driving my 10 mile a gallon (American Made)4 wheel drive. Is it my fault that I was watching TV 6 years ago and did my part to boost the economy and buy what was being put out there for consumers? I just don't think it is fair to pull on the heartstrings of TODAY'S consumers with solicitations like the above video. I am just one guy, working 40 hours a week, living in the midwest, staying out of trouble taxpayer.

I don't feel so bad though, there is another side to the polar bear story HERE so I will add "newly educated" to the string of adjectives in the above paragraph. And I will probably wait another day or so to check my tire pressure...

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