Sunday, July 5, 2009

Shopping Cart GPS..

I was shopping at our local Meijer grocery store when this idea hit me. Why don't we have a little touch screen on our shopping carts that tells us where stuff is? I have been shopping at this same store for 10 years and I can still never find what I need. For example, we have taken a liking to Asian Sensations frozen egg rolls. I bought them a few times and now all of a sudden they are gone. I asked the frozen produce guy, and he went in "the back" for 5 minutes, then came out and we walked around the store for 10 more minutes because it turns out there are frozen egg rolls in 4 different places. He came to the brilliant deduction that they must no longer "carry them".

We could avoid this whole thing by having a product locater on our cart. Just enter "frozen foods", "egg rolls", Asian Sensations and boom, the screen will tell you exactly the aisle and location. We could take this a step further and you could "log in" to your shopping account and the cart would know what you usually buy (guy thing?) and remind you of your important items. It could also point out sales on similar items. Even one step further, have a GPS locater on the cart and it (the cart) could locate desired items for you! Wow, we could even have a UPC code scanner on the cart so we could have a running total or even check out right there in the cart!

Ok, I can wake up now because retail stores thrive on "impulse" buying. I go there just to get bananas and walk out with $50 worth of crap. Meijer even intentionally moves their produce around every couple weeks so I can't even find the damn bananas. So now I have to walk past the strawberries, ooooh and then the shortcakes, and then I need the red gooey liquid to pour over the strawberries, oh wait, the whip cream. What did I come here for?

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