Saturday, July 4, 2009

Pop-ups on TV..

It was just a matter of time, but it is really starting to burn me up. On such television channels as TNT, The Discovery Channel or The History Channel, they have started using, for lack of a better term; pop-ups. It started out with just a small translucent logo on the bottom right of the screen, but it has evolved into a full blown animated 1/3 screen advertisement promoting an upcoming show or series. I find it so distracting and annoying that I will purposely not watch the show they are so hard trying to promote, but a lot of good that does. Below is a mild example. (watch it towards the end).

I don't see where this can go since they already run about 13 minutes of commercials on every 30 minute segment. I assume they will get bigger, more colorful and more animated. I realize the pressure is on to squeeze out every available dollar in today's economy, but they are fooling no one except the commercial skipper on the TIVO.

Ok I feel better now... NOT

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