Thursday, July 23, 2009

Joe And Sara Update.

Well Joe and Sara have been sitting together on their speakers for 2 weeks now. They are now getting down to business and are hard at work trying to make some money on the internet. Since Sara's arrival we have made the following progress.

  • We have been implementing the affiliate program. They offer free hosting and when someone upgrades to a paid plan, referrer gets either $12.50 or $25 depending which plan they choose. We have made $125 so far in July. Check out Webstarts HERE.
  • Just launched (joined July 23, 2009) is the affiliate program. In the beta stages right now, they have just started offering a 10 cent referral for "giving away" each free website. A bit low but Jay has assured me they are working on ways to increase revenue. is a great place and they have been on board with us in 1 way or another for about 3 years. Check out Spruz HERE.
  • We found a new attempt at monetizing a website at It is a unique widget that offers a website's visitors a way to support a site they like through donations and they also get a link to their site (or blog) right on the widget. I figured I would give it a shot - you can see an example of one below (or at

  • We also found a cool site to make banners, headers, etc at A handy tool and fun to play with.
  • We are also looking into both as an advertiser and publisher.

So yes, we are still geeking - Me, Joe and Sara.

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