Saturday, June 27, 2009

Joe's Final Girlfriend Submission...

We have received the final submission from which Joe will choose his speaker-sitting companion. Her name is Nolee and she is even wearing camouflage for her photo.

Her submission contained the following text: "She is a My Scene doll who is a rival of the Bratz dolls. She is Asian-American. She is a Gemini. She is the best friend to ask for advice, believes in good luck and karma... which are very good traits for a mascot's girlfriend. Nolee has a very sporty look that we think Joe will like. She has the "bad girl" look, but not the attitude that Bratz dolls are known for. ha!"

Thank you to everyone for their input. Joe is flattered with the amount of emails and photos he has received. He has promised to make his choice before the 4th of July.

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