Monday, June 29, 2009

Sara Paid A Visit To Jade...

Sara was not at all happy with Jade's threatening photos, and went to confront Jade at her work. Jade, as you can see in the first photo, is saying "OK girl, it is on!"

Before Sara could even get a word out, Jade slapped her!

Sara, not one to take any crap, slapped Jade back.

Seeing an opportunity, Sara gives Jade a high kick to the face, a move she learned in cheerleading!

Jade falls to the ground, and Sara gives Jade the sleeper choke hold. Sara lets go, thinking the young brat has learned her lesson.... however..

Jade gets up and gives Sara an Army boot kick to the chin!

And Sara is out for the count!

When Sara regained consciousness, both girls realized how childish it is to fight, and like all good girl fights, they are best of friends... for now...

What will Joe think when he hears of this?

WARNING: there is a more complete and extremely violent version of these events. Contains graphic photos of the cat fight between Jade and Sara. CLICK HERE

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