Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Joe Gets Photos Of Jade.

We have finally received the long awaited photos of "Jade". Jade is the Asian Bratz submission for Joe to consider for his speaker-sitting partner. Jade was referred to us by "Totally Tattoo'd Mother" (and daughter) who wrote about Jade on her blog. Jade has a very outgoing personality and submitted several interesting photos!

Here's Jade

Jade is kind of hot for Joe.

Jade is practicing sitting on a speaker..

She is holding her first internet dollar!

Jade also wanted to pass on the message that she will cut Joe if he doesn't pick her she is very skilled in combat if that kind of thing is required.

So Joe has a lot to think about and we hope he makes his choice next week so he can spend the 4th of July with his new best friend...

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One Reader said...

Hope we get this hashed out by then. It's always nice to watch the fireworks with someone else.