Saturday, October 25, 2008

Who's Responsible?

Now that the crude oil price is half of what it was when gasoline was $4.25, why isn't gas $2.12? I have heard every excuse in the book when gas prices were on the way up. First it was the istability of the European Front. Oh no, there might be a war in some country that I didn't even know was a country. Then it was hurricanes. Just the rumor of any hurricane (since Katrina) that may blow over a lawn chair in the gulf of Mexico sent gas up 15 cents. Then it was because of the US dollar being worth less. Then more hurricanes.

Well it seems to me that big corporations take turn profiting at my expense. I have figured out why gas is still expensive. It is the turn of insurance companies to make some profit. They took a big hit in Florida several years ago with the 4 hurricanes, then Katrina. And also the Mississippi flooding. So when gas is high, people drive less, so fewer car crashes. Hence, savings for the insurance companies. When more people are home because they can't afford to go anywhere, there are fewer burglaries because there are fewer unoccupied homes. Also burglars can't afford to just joyride around looking for houses to burgle. Not to mention arsons are down just because of the price of gas. So blame it on the insurance compainies this time.

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Dude, you crack me up.