Thursday, October 23, 2008

More random thoughts...

I forgot to mention in my post about the election that I already know the results. I am sorry to dissapoint the pollsters, but McCain is going to win by a considerable margin. It boils down to the fact that when a pollster calls a home, people are afraid to appear politically incorrect and are saying they are voting for Obama. That and the fact that the media is trying to sway viewers Democratic and they make it seem like the population is leaning toward Obama. Yes, there is also going to be a scandal because of the result. Accusations of cheating and voter fraud will ring because "everybody" was sure Obama was going to win.*

* I reserve the right to edit this post :)


You would think with the state of the country today, that there would be mass rioting in the streets. In the 60's and 70's people would protest for any reason. It was like a big party - let's get out on the streets and bitch about something. The reason we are so apathetic these days boils down to the fluoridation of the drinking water. Fluoride is poison and builds up in the body and brain and is passed on to our offspring, who in turn will be more apathetic. Read more at I don't really care though..


On the same note, as we age our hearing fails, our sense of taste fades. Our vision blurs and we can't get around like we used to be able to. Well it is God's blessing that helps us stay married. I can't hear her complaining and I don't whine about her cooking. I can't see how unattractive (we) are becoming and I can't run away. (plus I am drinking a lot more fluoridated water)


Finally a helpful hint to people giving out candy on Halloween. Buy Tootsie Rolls - the ones that about the size of your fingers. Eat 4 or 5 of them and take the wrappers and tape them around your fingers. When you approach the door, have your hand buried in the bowl. When you reach to give your little trick-or-treaters candy, move quickly and reach all the way into the kids bag or bucket and rustle around to make noise. In the confusion, they will never know any different. It takes a little practice, but I invented this system because my wife and I have a deal worked out. She buys the candy and I have to give it out. She usually buys the good stuff like miniature Snickers bars and Krackel bars. If there is any left over, I get to eat it :)

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One Reader said...

Oooh I love candy, and I would try this but I'm kind of appathetic about it all. ;-)