Wednesday, January 7, 2009


Regardless of your religious conviction, the finality of death is foreboding to say the least. I am not going to preach my beliefs because I am really not sure what I believe on any given day. I have trouble accepting that death of the body is just the absolute end of the soul. It just seems so usless for such a phenomenal thing as a sould just to end forever at the time of death. I would like to believe that the energy of the soul is at least released to return to the great gathering of former beings.

Some days I think that reincarnation would be a logical way for the soul to learn all the things needed on it's path to become enlightened, and join the other enlightened souls in the great hereafter. One lifetime is not enough for 1 person to experience all the trials and triumphs offered by this world. I imagine that 10 lifetimes may not be enough, and some people may be cursed to repeat the same mistakes and never move on.

Here is my offering in this great debate. I find it hard to believe that just being human with every incarnation would allow one to learn all the lessons available. Seeing a horse proudly grazing carefree in a pasture would lead me to believe that being humble would be a great lesson learned from being a horse. A seeing-eye dog dedicated to it's owner would be a great lesson on the benefits of not being completely self centered. The whooping crane that will not take another mate for the rest of their life if his (or her) mate dies could teach us something. Even being a dung beetle with only one task on his mind could be a useful attribute.

I do not even think that being a human would be at the very top or last stop before becoming enlightened. The last step may be any of the great creatures that have a trait that the soul would require. Some animals have a much more beautiful honest existence than many people I have met. So the next time you see a robin turn his ear to the ground to listen for an earthworm, stop for just a second and absorb the greater picture and it may save you a step.

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One Reader said...

I'm glad I know you. I would never be able to express this, but I too sometimes feel this way. Then there are those days where I really hope I'm not reincarnated, for fear of where I will land.