Monday, January 5, 2009

Paying for the upkeep of schools..

About a year ago, the Fort Wayne Community School system said they need $500,000,000 (that's right 500 million) to maintain and repair their schools. The budget submission was rejected (by referendum) and they are having to make do with what they get. As buildings age, the maintenance cost increase and the older the equipment, the less efficient. With the cutbacks in municipal spending across the nation, it is just a matter of time until the bottom drops out. I really don't care about that, but I am just setting you up for my idea.

Why not take the brightest Juniors and Seniors and let them stay home and home school via computer. Accept only those students that have an outstanding GPA and WANT to participate in the program. With a webcast and webcams, there would not really be much difference, other than we don't have to pay to transport, house or feed the student. If you look at the big picture in the long term, it is antiquated to bring kids from all over the biggest county in Indiana to buildings to educate them. It is inevitable that one day there will have to be some type of BIG change.

As a pilot program it would have to be closely monitored, but I think it may actually give younger students something to try extra hard for. Not having to go to "school" after age 16 may make kids study a bit harder. It would also save a ton of money and time for "snow" days. Let it freaking snow, class is on! How about saving the heating of an old schoolbuilding when it is 0 degrees outside and then they cancel school. That's MY money. How about maintaining the school all damn summer when the building is empty?

Computers ARE our future and the KIDS are smarter on them than any of us adults, so why not put them behind one for the 11th and 12th grade? You may say that the human interaction amongst children builds character; screw that! Wait till the bird flu finally hits and they close schools for weeks, or months at a time and screw up the whole system.

I am just proposing that we should do it voluntarily instead out of necessity. We would have time to work out the bugs and save money at the same time.

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One Reader said...

This makes tons of sense and will therefore never happen until it is too late and bugs will abound.