Monday, December 22, 2008

Waste some more time with this game.

Ok, here is a game that is not going to cost you the whole afternoon. It is called Super Stacker and you can play it HERE. You are given a series of blocks and shapes and you have to stack them up and the stack has to stay up for 10 seconds. It sounds easy and at the beginning it really is. But as the game progresses, it get increasingly more challenging. You are given balls and triangles and you have to find out to use them without the shapes falling off. You will have to even be creative on a few levels and allow the shape to tumble into a usable position.

I finished all the levels (the firt time) in around 1252 seconds. I tried again and finished in 512 seconds. While it is not World of Warcraft, it is a fun distraction and should keep you entertained for a while. Have fun!

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