Monday, December 29, 2008

New computers suck

I finally broke down and bought a new Dell Vostro desktop computer. My old Dell was 6 years old and though upgraded, getting slow and crashy. Transferring all the stuff I needed to run the website biz was a pain in the ass. I know there are programs to transfer from one computer to another, but 90% of the stuff I DIDN'T want. Mind you 6 years ago with XP was even before service pack 1. So if you ever look at the files from updates, there is a lot of garbage.

So after 2 days of constant tweaking, I am almost sure I am done. I can publish all my websites, edit photos and surf the net to all my favorites. The biggest problem was the new computer would not recognize my flatbed scanner. When I went to reload the driver disk, the disk was empty! Absolutely a blank cd, freakin' screwy!. I found the drivers on the internet, but nope. I am sorting that out. I bought a new scanner on ebay. I must say this new computer boots up and shuts down way quicker and is much faster in general.

So in my spare time I have been working a new toy. I developed a search box that allows you to search all of Craigslist with just one search. Not as difficult as it sounds, but check it out to see if it works.
You can put on your site I hope at Cross your fingers!

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