Friday, October 10, 2008

Helpful Hints..

Here are a couple helpful hints to make your life just a bit easier and save a few bucks.

1. If you ever need your tires rotated and it is cold out or you cannot do it yourself, try this. Find a repair shop that offers FREE brake check. Then tell the serviceman that you would like all the wheels removes so you can view and compare brake wear.

Act totally amazed and appreciative with the serviceman's knowledge of auto repair. Then just roll the wheels around the car to the desired location (pretending to examine tire wear). It easier to pull off a front-to-back, back-to-front rotation as opposed to a criss-cross rotation. Sometimes you really don't hve to be sneaky if you are nice to the mechanic and act as if you may use their services when you decide to have your brake work done. Plus you may even find you DO need brake work..

2. My license branch has one of those number dispensers at the entrance. If your license branch does too, you can do this. Go when the license brance is very busy. When no one is looking grab 5 to 10 numbers from the dispenser. Look to see what number they are serving to judge how long you can be gone. Go ahead and go about your errands until you feel the license branch is serving the numbers in your stash. You can stand outside and sell them to hurried customers for $1 a piece. It is safer if you go inside and sit down and sell them to your neighbors discreetly. I don't think this is really a crime, but if you get caught, they may not be happy. But a great clandestine adventure can make your day as well as a few extra dollars..

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