Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Little Round Company Logos

I have come to the realization that I am in the wrong business. It seems I should be creating company logos. All you need is a circle (preferably blue), slightly change somebody else's logo and charge $50,000. The following logos are major companies, some of which you may recognize. I tried to organize them in a type of evolutionary order so you can see the similarities. All logos are the properties of the companies they represent.

  1. Company Logo from Bell Telephone in 1969. Bell became AT&T.
  2. Company Logo from SalonCentric. Distributes beauty products.
  3. Company Logo from Circa. A joint project between The University of Dundee & The University of St Andrews involving dementia.
  4. Company Logo from Centennial Wireless. Recently bought out by AT&T.
  5. Company Logo from the Lutheran Health Network. Located In Allen County, Indiana.
  6. Company Logo from Google Earth.
  7. Company Logo from Allen County Public Library, Allen County Indiana.
  8. Company Logo from An internet / telephone / television - Shallotte, NC.
  9. Company Logo from Globe Telecom. See information below on #35.
  10. Company Logo from CSIRO; Australian Commonwealth Scientific and Research Organization.
  11. Company Logo from IDC; The premier global market intelligence firm.
  12. Company Logo from Konica Minolta. Makers of cameras and global imaging products.
  13. Company Logo from AT&T (old).
  14. Comapny Logo from AT&T (new and improved).
  15. Company Logo from United Way.
  16. Company Logo from Allstate Insurance.
  17. Company Logo from China Mobile Limited.
  18. Company Logo from Lake City Bank, Allen County, Indiana.
  19. Company Logo from Motorola.
  20. Company Logo from Wordpress.
  21. Company Logo from Westinghouse.
  22. Company Logo from General Electric.
  23. Company Logo from OnStar.
  24. Company Logo from Hewlett Packard.
  25. Company Logo from (update: looks like they changed their logo to a house with a hammer; see below #36).
  26. Company Logo from Symantec Corporation. Norton's Anti-virus and security software.
  27. Logo for Team Deutschland - German Soccer team.
  28. Company Logo from LexisNexis. Academic and library solutions, leading provider of information and business solutions to professionals in a variety of industries.
  29. Company Logo from Pepsi (new).
  30. Company Logo from Pepsi (old).
  31. Oh My, Even Obama's Logo designer is on the bandwagon! (2008 Presidential Campaign).
  32. Company Logo from Apple Corporation. An interesting variation on the blue circle!

    Honorable mention goes to:

company logos

  1. #33. Logo For Drupal - open source web building applications. (A pionty blue circle!)
  2. #34. Company Logo for - Super fast take-it-with-you internet
  3. #35. The new Company Logo for Globe Telecom.
  4. #36. The new Company Logo for

While researching this, I found a website that explains the blue connection:

you may send crappy little round company logos to mohrmultimedia (at)

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