Thursday, December 23, 2010

Earth's Magnetism And Your Soul Mate

Over the years I have developed a controversial theory concerning "Lay Lines". These are the lines of Earth's magnetism that encircle the globe. You may have heard of the lay lines when watching documentaries on Stonehenge, or why certain Aztec structures are built where they are. This theory is controversial because there are flaws and exceptions that I haven't worked out yet.

My theory is that when you are born, you "imprint" on the magnetism at the exact spot where you are. You also develop a useful tolerance for the magnetism in your area. This will give you a sense of peace when you are "home". You may have noticed this while on vacation, and you have a feeling when you get back near your home, there is a certain relaxing calmness that you just can't put your finger on. I have experienced this personally while residing in Dallas, Texas for several years. Although I had carved out a niche for myself and was doing very well, there was always an uneasy feeling that I was not "home". I ended up moving back to Indiana and right now live about 5 miles from the exact spot I was born. There is a weight gone that I just cannot explain. (I also have been married to my wife for almost twenty years, and she was born less than 5 miles away)

The reason for this effect on people (in my opinion) is nature's (or God's) way of keeping you rooted to your clan or family unit. It is safer if everyone stays put and not go traveling off willy-nilly to far off lands. This effect will also influence you to mate and breed within your specific area, keeping you from wandering off being promiscuous. This will also explain and verify a soul mate. One can subconsciously recognize the acquired magnetism of another person. It can explain why you feel comfortable with someone, or dislike someone for no apparent reason.

This theory may also have far-reaching effects that may explain a few medical maladies. In my opinion, some psychoses may just be the result of internal magnetism gone awry. That is why treating a a person with drugs may not do any good other than quash the neurosis chemically. A strong reaction to the magnetism effect may be the simple reason why people are afraid to leave their house.

I also believe (no, I know) that our ancestors were more in touch with this theory than we can ever imagine. If we could tap the energy that our ancestors may have used to build the pyramids, or how Edward Leedskalnin built the Coral Castle, it would be the answer to our dependence on fossil fuels.

Yes I know that there are people that are happily living thousands of miles from their birthplace, but some people are less affected by the magnetism effect. Or maybe they were not born near enough to a lay line to affect them. And external stimuli today have a more devastating effect on my theory. Perhaps all the cell towers and the man-made electromagnetism screws up the whole system.

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