Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Why use a free Email provider?

Well you would think that after 20 years if internet, someone could do something about spam. I don't care how good your spam filter, there are still a few spam emails in my several email inboxes. Sometimes there are even more, like yesterday, I had 35 different emails from the same POS.

I have 20 websites and I use about 15 different email addresses to speed up the contact process. If I get a message to a certain email, I know which website they are referring to. I used to get emails that said "I would like to advertise on your website, or I would like to exchange links with your website. I would spend an extra day pinning down the site they were referring to.

So using a free email provider is a necessity. It is also handy every now and then to just dump an email address when it starts to receive mega spam. Another good use for a free email is to just to use it as a disposable email to sign up for free websites and free offers (notorious spammers)so your "real" email doesn't get buried in spam.

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