Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Ron Mohr Named 2009 PBA Senior Tour Player of the Year.

Amazing Family ResemblanceIt is finally official. Ron Mohr has been named the 2009 PBA Senior Tour Player of the Year! The announcement has been a long time coming, with everyone speculating that Ron Mohr would come out on top, but now it is in the books.

An article newly posted on PBA.com, features Ron and other award recipients. You can read it in it's entirety HERE.

----------------- taken from PBA.com ---------------------
Ron Mohr, a 53-year old second year Senior Tour member, won the PBA Jackson, Michigan Senior Open and PBA Dayton, Ohio Senior Open, kicking off the 2009 season with his first two titles in back-to-back weeks. Ron won his third title in the Senior Dick Weber Open in Lansing, Michigan, where he defeated four-time defending Senior Player of the Year Tom Baker, 232-175, in the title match.

In 12 Senior Tour events, Mohr cashed in all 12, advanced to match play 11 times and he had five top five finishes. Ron was runner-up in the 2009 Senior Tour earnings race to Wayne Webb by only $250 with his $41,600 total, and he led the full-time touring seniors in average at 223.14.

“I don’t know if it’s a surprise to get the news, but it’s still a shock,” Mohr said. “You hope things will turn out this way, but you never know. After my first year, I realized I could be competitive, but it’s a major step to win a title and then to win more than once is surreal. To go on to win Player of the Year is beyond anything a guy living in Alaska could ever imagine.

“I think it would be easy to accept this, say it has been a great year, and move on,” he added. “But I’m looking for ways to get better. Tom Baker won this honor four years in a row. I’m going to try to get better if I have any hope of doing something like that. And with Walter Ray (Williams Jr.) coming out on the Senior Tour in 2010, even for a few events, we’ll all have our work cut out for us next year.”
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So congratulations to Ron Mohr, and as I told him, it was a well deserved culmination of a year of hard work. Very competitive bowling, rigorous travel and being away from Linda for long stretches has finally paid off with a dream come true.

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