Saturday, September 19, 2009

Digging Deeper Into Bowling..

I mentioned before that I had met Gianmarc Manzione, The Bowling News Manager at Well Gianmarc has started a new blog that goes more in depth in bowling topics than the space on will allow. His new blog is called the "Kegler Chronicle", and you can visit it HERE. Gianmarc's post for September 18, 2009, is a great article / interview with Dale Traber. Dale is a top contender on the PBA Senior tour and has an accomplished record on the regular PBA Tour. A little known fact about Dale, is that he bowled his brother Dave on TV for a National PBA title in 1994. You can watch the match below.

So go visit Gianmarc's blog and see some entertaining facts and tidbits about the bowling industry from around the world. Even if you have been following my blog about the PBA Senior Tour, there is much to learn about the fantastic accomplishments of these bowlers and their history.

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