Sunday, August 30, 2009

Getting free samples and free stuff on the internet..

Yes you can get totally free samples on the internet, but you have to be ready for a couple things. The first is, the email you use to register for the free stuff will probably get spammed, so I recommend getting a free disposable email like Yahoo or Hotmail. You usually have to confirm your email with the free stuff site so you have to use a REAL email. The next thing is, they may send you promotional mailings to your house long after you receive your free sample. But I have a trick for readily identifying junk mail, use a fake name. As a matter of fact, the stupider the name the better. For example, I signed up for a free sample of D-Max energy supplement and used the name Ima Phatass.

It came even hand addressed with a sticker on the envelope promoting weight loss. I laughed so hard at this one that I used the same pseudonym to see if Body-For-Life would send me an entry form for their weight loss challenge. Sure enough, they did. I was really tempted to follow through and enter the contest with some fake pictures that were obvious photo-shopped before and after photos, but I chickened out. It was funny just thinking about it though.

Oh yeah, I almost forgot to post the link where you can get free sample stuff on the internet:

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