Monday, May 18, 2009

Cool Sites For Online Web-Based Photo Editing..

I always like to play around editing photos. I even like it more when it is free. The following sites are my favorite online (web-based) photo editing programs.

(Updated December 11, 2012)

Online Photo Editing Websites

Fun with photos - these sites are not actually online photo editing sites, but you can create cool stuff with your images.

  • - My favorite fun online site to add stuff to your photos - play around with the "elements" section of this program and you will be entertained for hours.
  • - A free online photo editor featuring fun free photo effects, photo stickers and one click effects for your digital photos.
  • - They live up to their name - a library of around 40 cool things you can do with a photo. I like the badgemaker.
  • - Upload a picture of a face and put it a bunch of different scenes. Pretty cool as you can edit the hue, saturation to match. Hint: click the categories above the photos to get more choices from that genre.
  • - Here you can easily create your photomontage, free cards, magazine cover and face in the hole effects.
  • - Pay attention to the top toolbar here to make face effects, photo effects, animations, cards and tools.
  • - Make a fake magazine cover with your images.
  • - Photo505 enable you to select from numerous digital photo effects to add into picture for fun. Their digital photo effects is almost updated daily so be sure to check them out.
  • - 21 cool things you can do with your photos. I like the LOMO effect, puts a glare / sheen on your image.
  • - Photovisi lets you create collage style wallpapers using your own photos. There are many templates to choose from and very easy to use.
  • - Several different free cool things you can make. Not all allow you to upload photos, but go anyway, you won't be sorry.
  • - Over 100 different cool photo effects.
  • - Upload a photo then drag the box around to create cool patterns. These can be used for your desktop backgrounds or web page backgrounds. You are using the free online version of software that is for sale - the image you save is a low quality image, but still good for web page (and desktop) backgrounds.
  • - Uses facial recognition software to place a face from your uploaded photo onto some interesting objects.
  • - Easily add text to your photos.
  • - Seems kind of girly at first, but you can really come up with some interesting photos with this "makeover" program.
  • - Kind of stupid, but with the right photo, you may be able to come up with something interesting.
  • - Optimize your photos for use in email and webpages. Shrinks the file size so the photo will load quicker. If you don't know what I am talking about, you probably don't need it.
  • - Combine two or more celebrity faces to come up with the ultimate celebrity.
  • - Turn any photo into an old school (style) polaroid.
  • - Create a rippling water effect on your photos.
  • - Easy to use - ad a few trinkets to your photo to liven it up. Exports finished photo as flash.
  • - Upload your photo and place it in different scenes. Some are pretty cool.
  • - Some of the flash toys here involve doing things with your photos, so I thought I would include this link.
  • - A boatload of frames and cool effects for you to insert your photo into. Best waste of time ever.
  • - Convert your image to a needlepoint pattern. They will even send you the thread and pattern (not free). You can save your converted photo for free - right-click on the image and choose "save picture as".
  • - Similar to above, but convert your image to a cross-stitch pattern and download the pattern for free.

Free Downloads of Useful Photo Editing Software

  • Umark lite - Add watermarks to your photos or images to prevent people from using them without your consent. Also used to advertise your site.
  • Microsoft Ice - (Image Composite Editor) An advanced panoramic image stitcher. Given a set of overlapping photographs of a scene shot from a single camera location, the application creates a high-resolution panorama that seamlessly combines the original images.
  • PhoXo - Use the effect tools to get creative and insert shadow text, speech bubbles, fade effects, gradients, image frames, clipart objects and more.
  • Riot - A free download I thought I would include. A great tool for bloggers that compresses photos so they will have a smaller file size and load faster.
  • IrfanView - Ask anyone who knows photo editing and they will know about IrfanView. Be sure to download the plug-ins.
  • Gadwin PrintScreen - Not for photo editing exactly, but the darn best free screen capture program out there.
  • BorderMaker - BorderMaker enables you to add borders, text overlays, and watermarks to your images.
  • Poladroid - A free downloadable program to make polaroid-like photos.

There is also a great list of photo editing sites at 

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One Reader said...

Rock on. I'm gonna save this so I can just randomly play with pics!

Andrew P. said...

Thanks, it looks really good and I like Photofunia. A few days ago I found one more service where we can edit our photos: - make funny pictures online it has many photo templates. It is free and very easy to use...

Anonymous said...

You might want to add to the list. Not as good as pixlr but has some interesting filters.

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