Monday, March 9, 2009

Stuff you never knew you needed...

Technology is great! There is some stuff out there I bet you never knew existed.

How about a listening device that can penetrate up to 20 centimeters of concrete?

You surely need a 2-pack of stretchy license plate covers! and crap, it looks like this kind fits only European style plates.

And how many times have you wished you had a cell phone signal blocking device?

If you watch survivorman, you have got to have one of these!

Of course my Asian friends all need to have a double eyelid maker.

And how about a digital Buddhist jukebox?

I almost forgot to order me a reverse door peephole viewer.

See where your special someone really goes with a personal gps tracker bug.

Lord knows, we wouldn't want to hurt those pesky cockroaches. (read the reviews)

Cool! a spy tie!

Crap, you found my spy tie with you camera and bug detector pen.

When a normal knock is just not good enough.

OMG, sterilize your toothbrush with ultraviolet light.

Wow, these are handy - USB powered heated gloves.

ok, that's enough...

1 comment:

One Reader said...

Holy Crap! I totally need the reverse peep hole viewer. I want to spy on people through their own safety devices!