Monday, March 30, 2009

Oh No! A Pot Smoker!

Ok, let's make it clear. I think marijuana should be legal for personal use. I do not smoke now (and haven't for over 10 years) due to to my current job, but let's just say I can speak from experience. Let the government sell it or tax it or whatever they think they need to do. It is a lot less dangerous than alcohol by far, and is not the "gateway" drug the establishment would like you to believe. Spending money (in today's economy) on marijuana smokers is just stupid. Jail space is at a premium and rapists are getting out early while guy with a bag of weed sits in jail.

Marijuana could also save a few marriages a long the way. When working couples get home from work, instead of tearing into each other from the stress of the day, a couple bong hits and a moment of silence could prevent a lot of arguments. Alcohol just makes people angry or violent, where marijuana mellows a person out without the side effects of alcohol. It can cause lethargy, but can also bring out the artistic creative side of someone.

They have tests that can tell whether one is under the influence of alcohol at any given moment, but the test for pot shows what someone may have done in their spare time like 2 weeks ago. I can see if an employer does not want someone stoned at work, but the testing process is just unfair.

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One Reader said...

I personally believe that if they can ever develop a test similar to that of a breathalizer, they will legalize. Until then I just don't think they want to take the chance.