Monday, December 8, 2008

brown and gray

Here I sit behind my computer thinking about the gloomy onset of another Indiana winter. I am amongst what seems to be and epidemic of people with bronchitis. I don't know what or who to blame it on. It could be the chemtrails, moondust or terrorists but if I misspell any words on this post, it is because my computer screen is covered in chunks of what used to be my lungs.

The only light at the end of the tunnel at this time of year, is the fact that in 2 weeks the days will start getting longer. (cough) I can picture the daffodils poking through the dirt and the eves dripping backdropped by the angle of the sun that looks "just a little different". I know it is early to start whining about winter (and all you people that LOVE winter can kiss my butt), but it swooped in early. It has been cold and snowy every day since around Thanksgiving. It just seems depressing that this may go on until March.

I think I must be the poster child for S.A.D. Wait, I know what would cheer me up! Seeing a ton of money rolling into my paypal account! Well at least go to my donation page and read the humorous antics from a deranged mind.

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