Sunday, November 30, 2008

Tipping Point..

Well if you have several hours to waste on the computer, play the Tipping Point logic series. Right now there are 4 chapters out. I recommend that you play them in order because they get increasingly difficult as the series evolves. The games require you to think outside the box and retrieve tools from hidden locations that will allow you to solve the riddles. I can only recommend to find things that are clickable and see what happens. Also look for other rooms by moving your mouse to the edge of the screen and see if you can click that direction.
Start with Chapter 1. It is fairly simple and you will get the idea of how the game works. Plan to spend some time on the games as there is no save option to remember where you are in each given chapter. There is a walkthrough HERE, but give it a shot with no help.

Chapter 2 gets a little more difficult, but solvable without using the walkthrough.

Now I have to admit, I cheated almost all the way through Chapter 3. No excuses, it was just over my head. But rewarding still and fun to play using the walkthrough.

If you haven't torn all your hair out yet, then go for Chapter 4. I vowed to not cheat on this one and actually made it all the way through (almost). I only had to look for clues at the very end (after 3 hours). This chapter was just released November 7 and I could not find a good walkthrough like the others.


The hardest parts were trying to get the flamingo in the greenhouse to get his butt off the nest to grab the goodies. You have to feed him shrimp from the metal pot while playing the music box. Tease him with the shrimp to get him to stand up. Also you have to have all 8 tubes in the matter converter in the right order. You can not install it until it reads "0008 CORRECT". Oh yeah, the morse code thing was kind of tricky, you have to use your head. The answer may not be on the parchment paper, but the theory is.

Good luck, if you get through chapter 4 with no help, you are one smart bastard. Post your time of completion in my comments. O questions, I will try to help.

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One Reader said...

Just under 2 hours (I closed the tab before I came back here to read the "after chpt. 4" part). However I was doing all kinds of other stuff... You gotta let me know if you come across any more of these kinds og games. I love em.