Saturday, November 8, 2008

Spread the wealth...

Ok, I admit it, I was rooting for John McCain. I just don't think voting for change just for the sake of change is a good idea. My point today is why I think Obama won.

Everyone said that George Bush was all about oil. And when gas was $4.25 a gallon, we all hated George Bush for not doing anything about it. Big Texan oil mogul has us by the nuts and is profiting at our expense. McCain's platform was built around energy independence; drill, drill, drill! I think he even chose Palin to ease the pain when we sent the dereks to Alaska. Great move I thought.

But then weeks and even days before the election, gas drops in price to $2.19 a gallon. Suddenly (because of the fluoride in the water I suppose), we no longer want to drill, drill, drill, and McCain's platform seems way less important. Since the election was so close, that could have been the difference. Just think if gas went to $4.75 right before the election, we may have had a different outcome.

What makes no sense, is that if our big Texan oil mogul George Bush was so important in the oil biz, why would he let gas prices drop the way they did? The answer to that has to be that he had no control, and really has had very little influence. If he did, being a Republican, he would have thought of this before I did and we would have had the price jump the day before election day.

So I can only surmise the Oil Cartel is responsible for the outcome of our election. Sure, they covered their butts and claimed they were going to cut oil production, but didn't until after the election. It seems THEY wanted Obama for president. Call me paranoid, but it scares me when the whole world celebrates our election's outcome.

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