Thursday, November 20, 2008

The decline..

I was just sitting here dreading the onset of winter, watching Indiana fade from brown to gray. It reminded me of a time when my brother Chuck asked me how I could stay here all year 'round. Chuck was a world traveler and had "places" in Alaska and Hawaii that he would take turns living at. Complete with mountains, bears etc. He said that from about November to March Indiana was just unbearably gray and he couldn't take it and he would leave.

Not the point of my post though, I was thinking what or when was the beginning of the decline of the US economy (this time). I have to blame it on NAFTA and then SAFTA. We cannot be everything to everybody. And with Mexico having an hourly wage of 1/4 or less of the US, there is no way to compete fairly in the world market. It would be great to think in a Utopian society that we could absorb the difference, but it is evident that we cannot.

If you haven't noticed, I am the poster child for S.A.D., I guess in our family. it is adult onset.

In Memory of Charles (Chuck) F. Mohr Jr. 1950 - 1997

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