Tuesday, October 21, 2008

The Election..

Is it just me or is this Presidential election completely up for grabs? I am generally a conservative Republican, but I don't want to vote Democrat just because things haven't went well with the Bush administration. In the beginning and during the 9/11 crisis, George Bush was our hero and leader. But as time passed, we realized that this is going to cost a buttload of money and we just can't afford. But then the Vietnam argument rears it's ugly head and we resolve not to desert a country halfway through a war. So we stick it out, going slowly broker, thinking George will pull the answers out of his magic hat.

Well that didn't happen, and now with the mortgage crisis, stock market crash and unemployment, it feels like a relationship that is reaching it's end. We see Obama as the cute girl we kind of know that winks at us once in a while. We are so tired of our current Republican relationship, that we are ready to rebound into a new love. Except now we don't have a slew of choices, we only have one choice. It seems like the lesser of two evils is Obama. But with little experience will he be the girlfriend that can't balance the checkbook?

So I would guess we would have to look into the Vice-Presidential choices. Obama's choice Biden seems like an old fuddy-duddy Democrat that is afraid to have views of his own heard for fear of stepping on Obama's toes. If we had to rely on Biden to round out the ticket, I don't feel it. But then again Palin seems just TOO media friendly. This may be a good thing in one way as the media generally leans Democrat. But McCain is older than dirt and we may have to deal with Palin more than we are ready for. So the Vice-Preasidents don't help me a bit.

I actually liked a few of the ideas of Ron Paul, Rudy Giuliani and the Law and Order guy. Why is it now we have to put all our eggs in one basket? I know I will regeret either choice I make at some point, even if my chosen candidate wins. My feeling at heart is that we are just plain screwed either way. I am not prejudice of feminist in any way, but maybe if I was it would be easier to decide.

Maybe we have reached a point in the evelution of government, that 1 person cannot rule our country. I know that the Senate and House have oversight, but any more, the bi-partisanness seems to be more of a bull-headed (pardon the pun) issue than the issue. So by the time you add the pork to pass a bill, you have lost the original point.

What we need is a BIG change. I would gladly support a flat income tax. Even if it was 20% with NO deductions for any one at any income level. Studies have suggested that even 10% would cover the tax amount that is brought in today. This would put more money in the pockets of the consumers like me that could afford to buy stuff to boost the local economy.

But who am I? I'll be right back, I have to fill my Prozac prescription...

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One Reader said...

Maybe we should gather together and vote to write in - None of the above or give us better choices. I too was hoping for Ron Paul, maybe we'll get lucky and the whole country will boycott!

Oh and for the record, I too am for a flat tax.